Hockey Skates

Usually, skates fit 1 to 1 1/2 sizes smaller than your shoe size. Put on the socks you plan to skate with (thin socks are best), put on the skate and push your toes all the way to the front of the skate.

For youth and junior players, a properly fitted skate should allow you to slide one finger behind your heel to allow for growth. Any bigger can cause blisters on feet and a breakdown of the sides of the boot. For adult players, sit down and kick your heel firmly into the back of the boot.

Tighten the laces firmly through the first 2-3 eyelets so that the skate is snug near the toe. Lace the next 3-4 eyelets a little looser to give your arch room to flex. Tighten the laces firmly through the remaining eyelets to lock your heel firmly into the skate.

The eyelets should be 1 1/2 to 2 inches apart, if not, consider a narrower or wider skate. A properly fitted skate should allow for the player to stand up straight, and have their toes “feather” the front toe cap of the skate. When the player bends their knees it should pull the toes slightly back off the toe cap.

Walk around on the skates for 10-15 minutes to check comfort and fit. Your foot should be flat in the boot and not pinched in the toe, arch, or heel. Your heel should not lift or move in the skate.

How do I break them in?

Put them on and wear them around the house (with skate guards of course!) for a few hours. This will help break them in and cause you less discomfort when you first use them.

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