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Hockey face masks provide outstanding protection for players on the ice. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, these masks can keep sticks and pucks from making contact with the face, providing a safer experience throughout the game. At Gunzo’s, we have a selection of durable hockey face masks to choose from, so you can customize your equipment to meet your exact preferences.

Top-Brand Hockey Face Masks

At Gunzo’s, we carry high-quality hockey face masks from the best brands in the business. You’ll always find outstanding products in our carefully curated collection.


The family of the same name established the Bauer company in 1927. The Bauer brand grew steadily over the years. In 1995, Nike acquired Bauer’s parent company, Canstar, pulling this brand under the overarching Nike name. In 2006, Nike even included its name alongside the Bauer partner brand with the Nike Bauer Supreme One90 skate release.

In 2008, Nike moved away from hockey, and Canadian businessman W. Graeme Roustan bought Bauer for $200 million. Under Roustan, Bauer thrived, seeing a 24% increase in revenue in the first nine months of 2012, compared to the same period the year before. Bauer sees itself as a tech company as much as a sporting goods provider, spending 4% of sales on research and development, compared to only 1% for well-known competitor Adidas.

Bauer equipment features thoughtful designs carefully researched to provide the best protection on the rink. The Bauer Profile II Facemask features oval wire to enhance the player’s vision. The floating chin cup features moisture channels to keep sweat and water away from the player’s face. This mask comes in several colors, including black, white, and silver. There’s also a color called Oreo, which features black on the outside and white on the inside.

Bauer hockey face mask for sale in Chicago

The silver Profile III Facemask features stainless steel wire for a lightweight feel that sacrifices nothing in the way of protection. This mask also features moisture channels and a dual-density chin cup. 

For a clear view, Gunzo’s also carries the Concept 3 full face shield visor. The Concept 3 face shield features strategically placed vents and an anti-fog coating so you can always see clearly through the polycarbonate shield. This mask even features an anti-scratch coating to keep it safe from sticks, pucks, and other types of impact.


CCM stands for Canada Cycle & Motor, which was the forerunner of the company that is now Reebok-CCM Hockey. Today’s CCM is the biggest hockey equipment manufacturer globally, supplying all the jerseys and apparel for the National Hockey League. Though CCM started in bicycle and motor production in 1899, it began producing hockey skates in 1905. 

In 1939, NHL player George Parsons’s career ended due to a severe eye injury. As a result, he got involved with CCM, assisting with the development of helmets and face protection. In 1976, CCM released a helmet with eye and face shields and a lower face protector. The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association endorsed this newly released helmet, which the Canadian Standards Hockey Association approved.

CCM hockey face masks for sale in Chicago, Illinois

CCM filed for bankruptcy in the 1980s, but it continued to operate by selling off the cycle and hockey divisions separately. Reebok acquired the hockey division in 2004, and Adidas acquired Reebok the following year. 

Gunzo’s carries the FM 580 Cage mask. Though similar to the popular FM 480, this version features a wider cage for increased visibility. The dual-density floating chin cup is upgraded from the FM 480 and includes a microwick liner. We also offer the FV1 Full Face Shield. Made from impact-resistant polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant coating, this can stand up to serious hockey play. The vent design maximizes airflow, while an anti-fog treatment helps keep the mask clear with outstanding visibility.

How do you put on a hockey mask?

Hockey masks typically connect to helmets using J clips and top clips. The top clips face downward onto the shield or mask, keeping it in place above the forehead. The J clips sit on either side of the helmet, near the temples. You can adjust the positioning of the J clips using a screwdriver. The J clip keeps the cage in place, so it doesn’t push into your face. 

When you purchase a new mask or face shield, you will receive the appropriate hardware for installing it. Though existing hardware from a previous mask may still fit, it’s always best to use the hardware included with the mask. Not only is it designed to be a perfect fit, but it’s brand new and hasn’t yet sustained any damage from impacts or regular wear and tear.

When you’re wearing a cage or hockey mask, it should sit within an inch of your face. The chin cup should be directly over your chin with a fit that’s snug yet allows you to slip a finger beneath. A chin cup that’s too tight can result in a serious injury if you suffer an impact on the chin. The cage or face mask can adjust to a different size from your helmet as long as you can still position the top clips and J clips properly.

What is the purpose of hockey masks?

Hockey masks provide face protection, denying pucks and sticks that may come at a player’s face. A cage-style hockey mask provides ample airflow, so you can protect your face without suffering inside a stuffy mask. However, a clear shield-style hockey mask offers better visibility than a wire cage. Well-placed vents and anti-fog coatings can minimize some of the issues with a shield, but moisture may still collect inside. 

The choice between a shield or cage typically comes down to personal preference. Explore both options to find the one that best fits your comfort level and playing style. There are many options in both shields and cages so that you can get a suitable hockey mask for your needs. Start shopping our selection now and complete your hockey gear, so you’re suited up for any event.