Hockey Face Masks, Mouth Guards, & More For Sale In Chicago

What about face masks/guards?

To protect your face, you need a cage or shield (sometimes referred to as visor). Both provide good protection with the cage providing better ventilation and the shield better visibility. Your choice should be based on your comfort and preference.

Masks are sized based on length, from the top of the helmet where the mask is attached to the chin cup at the bottom. They should fit snug to your chin with your mouth closed.

Measure your face from forehead to chin to determine the proper size cage for your face.

What about mouthguards?

Wear your mouthguard! Mouthguards are not just for teeth – they provide substantial protection for the jaw and even aid in preventing concussions! Properly fitted, a good mouthguard will protect teeth, mouth, jaw and even brain by absorbing and dissipating shock from a blow to the mouth or jaw.

Get a good mouthguard – it’s a lot cheaper and less painful than dental work!

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