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At Gunzo’s, we’ve been fitting custom hockey gloves and off-the-rack gloves for Chicago-area ice hockey players for decades. Visit our hockey stores to find a properly fitted pair of gloves or call to discuss getting custom-made gloves for your team.  Our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you with finding a pair of gloves that fit properly and discuss the pros and cons of each brand.

Ice hockey is an exciting, adrenaline-filled sport where the only thing protecting your hands and wrists from a stray stick or flying puck is your ice hockey gloves. A good pair of off-the-shelf ice hockey gloves are fine for casual playing, but standard ice hockey gloves sizing won’t provide a custom fit and can make you feel less secure when holding the stick and smacking the puck.

What are the best hockey gloves?

The best hockey gloves are the ones that provide you with the fit and feel you need for your best possible gameplay. Many well-regarded sports equipment brands make hockey gloves at all price points and sizes to meet your needs. If you’re serious about playing hockey, you’ll want to consider custom hockey gloves that are made to your measurements and have lasting durability. Hockey glove manufacturers also offer pro-quality gloves made to the same tolerances that players in the NHL require. Some of the hockey glove manufacturers we sell at Gunzo’s include CCM, Bauer, Warrior, and True.

The anatomy of a hockey glove

To understand how to find the right size hockey gloves for you, you’ll need to understand the anatomy of a pair of gloves. There are four major parts to a hockey glove. They include cuff roll, cuff, back rolls, and fingers.

The cuff roll extends to cover your forearm, while the cuff is a padded section that gives your wrists protection. The back rolls are sections of padding that go across the backs of your hand, and the finger backs are also padded. 

The palm is another important piece to the hockey glove, but its main contributing factor is the grip of the glove. The other parts of the glove drive the overall fit of a glove.

How to size hockey gloves

Ice hockey gloves come in different fits, but all gloves are designed to protect your hands from pucks, sticks, and falls on the ice. All other fitting qualities are based on the protective aspects of the glove. Here are the considerations you’ll face when trying on hockey gloves at Gunzo’s:


Glove size is determined by measuring the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm, then doubling the resulting number. Someone with a measurement of 8 inches will need to wear a 16-inch hockey glove. In the event that the measurement winds up between the sizes, round up to the next closest size. 


The right size glove fully covers the wrist, the fingertips don’t extend past the fingertips of the glove, and the top of the cuff meets the bottom edge of the elbow pad. No gap should be visible. However, other fitting considerations include traditional, tapered, and contoured fit. At Gunzo’s, we can help you get the right fit that suits your play style.


You should be able to move your fingers and wrists without encountering resistance. However, mobility is different for everyone and is something that is best decided upon with help from a salesperson at Gunzo’s. Our salespeople can help you judge the different types of fit and how they affect your gameplay. 


The quality of the materials and construction of ice hockey gloves play a direct role in their ability to provide protection, along with their ability to take a beating without falling apart. A good quality glove will also have features that allow it to be repaired and parts replaced to extend the glove’s life.


The padding in a glove needs to have the ability to resist the blows that a hockey player is subjected to regularly when they’re on the ice. Padding materials are designed to last for years, but tears in the glove can expose the padding. Check with your Gunzo’s salesperson to find out about padding quality and how long it holds up under normal wear and tear.

Your elbow pads and gloves should provide continuous protection from above the elbow to the tips of your fingers. The cuff of the glove should extend to the bottom of your elbow pads leaving no part of your lower arm exposed. Most gloves today are of the “short cuff” style.

These gloves provide better freedom of movement to your wrist.  With this style glove, you may want to add an additional padded wristband to provide full coverage to your forearm.  To protect your fingertips, your fingers should not go all the way to the end of the glove.

All of these fit details apply to adult and youth hockey gloves. Don’t be tempted to save money by buying a pair of street hockey gloves. The major difference between ice hockey gloves and street hockey gloves is one of protection. Street hockey gloves are made to meet the needs of playing on asphalt instead of ice. You’re better off buying a pair of ice hockey gloves that provide you with the best possible fit. 

Do hockey gloves make a difference in play style?

Yes, ice hockey gloves make a major difference in how you play the game. A well-fitted pair of gloves helps you maintain your grip on the stick and supports your wrists as you angle the hockey stick towards the puck. Palms of the right thickness and material give you the ability to feel what you’re doing, as you’re doing it, and lets you direct your efforts with better precision. However, hockey glove fit is an entirely individual thing in that what works for one person may not work for you. This is why it’s important to see us at Gunzo’s to work with a salesperson and find a pair that is right for you.

Visit Gunzo’s hockey store to explore our hockey glove selection

Come see us at Gunzo’s for your next pair of ice hockey gloves. We can help you find a pair of gloves that helps you improve your game and feel confident in your ability to wield the stick. Our Chicago hockey store is conveniently located near the Madhouse on Madison (United Center), Johnny’s Ice House, and Chicago’s Fifth Third ice arena. Our other locations are in Morton Grove and River Forest. We offer the same high level of attention to our customers at all of our locations.