Buy Hockey Shoulder Pads In Chicago

Your shoulder pads protect your upper body including upper arm, shoulder, collarbone, back, chest, and ribs. For proper protection, your shoulders should fit comfortably into both shoulder cups.

Then, a variety of straps will allow you to adjust the fit for arms, chest and back.To select a size, measure the circumference of your chest by wrapping a tape measure around your chest just under your armpits.

The sizing (e.g. Small, Medium, Large) for different shoulder pad manufacturers varies, but this measure can be used to help you select the right size. As an example, Bauer shoulder pad sizes are shown below:

Shoulder / Pad Size Chest (inches)
Adult XL 42+
Adult Large 40 – 44
Adult Medium 38 – 42
Adult Small 34 – 38
Junior L 30 – 34
Junior M 28 – 32
Junior S 26 – 30
Youth M/L 24 – 28
Youth S/M 22 – 26

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